What brings you here today?

What brings you here today?

Welcome to Champayne, your new favourite online shop

Hello, I’m Chanpheng, welcome to my new online boutique Champayne Apparel. My shop houses a collection of dresses and rompers that I guarantee will make you look insanely hot. 

Because this is an online-only store, I’m not able to give you the old brick + mortar retail experience, which is good in some ways (shopping at home!), but also means you don’t get to meet your sales person face-to-face. And I believe you should know the person who sells you something, whether it’s a house, car or a little black dress. It means something to know that you’re making a purchase from a real person and not just some bot.

So, even though I’m not meeting you in person, I do want you to know a little bit about the person you’re buying from. With that in mind, here are a few things about me...

My first fashion memory

Doc Martens, crop tops and baggy jeans. Yep, the 90’s were good to me. And I miss my Docs!

Marilyn Monroe because she was completely confident with her body. Effortless, sensual, sweet and confident. What a combo.

Stylish must-have


Blazers are a must. They go with everything.

Celebrity with the best style


J-Lo. She’s iconic.

What I believe every woman should try (at least once)

Skinny dipping. Just do it. 😊😘

My favourite apps

fave apps

Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram for instagram.com/champayne.apparel.

The one item in my purse I cannot live without

purse spill

My Visa card. I also cannot live without my phone.

Las Vegas

Vegas with the girls.

Item I wear the most


Blazers! Of course.

My heroes

Winnipeg Canada Day

My parents for coming to Canada to give us a better life. ♥🇨🇦

[photo by Dan Harper for Downtown Winnipeg Biz]

My greatest indulgence


Burgers! My favourite burger shacks are Five guys in Winnipeg, or A&W Teen Burger at lunch.



(pronounced Champayne)

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about yourself. Who are your fashion icons? What should every woman try once? Where are your favourite places to dress up? What style items should I be on the lookout for? What would you like to see added to the collection?

You can hit me up here or on Instagram or Facebook.

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